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Property Divison in Texas

If you and your spouse enter into a written property division, the Courts will almost always approve the agreement. The settlement agreement must include all assets (house, cars, stocks, bonds, retirement, etc.), and liabilities (mortgages, loans, credit cards, taxes, etc.). If the parties cannot agree on a division of property, then the Court will divide the parties’ community property “in a manner the Court deems just and right, having due regard for the rights of each party and any children of the marriage.” Please note that contrary to popular impression, the Court is not required to divide community property 50%/50%. Some of the factors the Court may consider in dividing community property are disparity of income, education and training, health, age, fault in breakup of marriage, nature of property, custody of children, and the parties’ capabilities. There is no way to tell how the Court will divide the community property — it is a gamble. This is why you can trust that John K. Grubb and Associates will help you tip the scales in your direction and make sure you get a fair division of your rightful property

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