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Actor Aiden Turner Files for Divorce

The popular soap opera star and Season 10 Dancing with the Stars alum Aiden Turner has filed for divorce in Los Angeles. Aiden has been married since April 2005, but he has filed through his divorce lawyer citing irreconcilable differences, and with the date of separation to be determined.

It appears that the couple has some common sense and each partner has not simply directed their divorce lawyers to attack. The filing asks that the couple share custody of their 1 year-old daughter Ciella, and that the separation of their property be made at a later date. There are no reports of where each spouse is living at the moment, or where their daughter is staying as they wait for this divorce. Because it is California, there is a good chance they are both still living in the family home and may remain there until the final separation of property.

Rumor has it that the split is an amicable one; however it is very interesting how many Hollywood couples file for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. That doesn’t tell anything, heck, they may be divorcing because they differ in opinion about how the toilet paper should roll. However it is a valid reason in the courts and we may never know what really happened to cause the hunky soap star to decide to divorce his wife. Even Hollywood couples can manage a little bit of discretion and privacy if they make the effort to do so.

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