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Austin Scott What Could 2001 Divorce Mean to Election?

On Tuesday October 26 a Georgia Superior Court judge ruled that congressional candidate Austin Scott’s divorce records from his 2001 divorce would remain sealed until after the election. In fact the judge also issued a decision that the ruling to decide whether the records should be opened wouldn’t occur until December.  So, there will be no day after Election Day revelations in the Scott camp.

Austin Scott is the Republican congressional candidate for Georgia and has been fighting through his attorney to keep his divorce records sealed because while they may be fodder for his opponent, the fact remains that both Scott and his former wife have 30 days in which to respond to a lawsuit requesting the records be made public. Those 30 days are not up until after the election, which means that whatever incriminating evidence or scandalous secrets and arrangements were made between the couple and their divorce lawyers will have no effect on the Georgia congressional election.

The huge battle to have these records opened and the defensive measures to keep them sealed leads people to believe that there is something truly horrifying in the records, but really, they are divorce records, more than likely quite standard with custody and financial agreements made between the divorce lawyers and the couple to dissolve their marriage. They aren’t criminal records or anything more telling than the fact that Austin Scott is divorced. The details should have no effect on the election.

When it comes to political mudslinging it appears the Jim Marshall is desperate to come up with anything he possibly can; including causing pain to his opponents ex-wife and child by dragging a nearly decade old divorce into the limelight. Shameful!

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