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Billy Ray Cyrus Seeks Joint Custody in Divorce Battle

We all know of the Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, she appears on the popular Disney show along with her father country music start Billy Ray Cyrus. What you may not know is that there are also two other children in the Cyrus family. Noah and Braison are younger than the 17 year old Miley.

Billy Ray of the early 90’s Achy Breaky Heart fame is divorcing his wife Tish after 17 years. His divorce lawyer has filed papers that include the request for sharing the care custody and control of the three Cyrus progeny, although the reason for the divorce is listed as irreconcilable differences. What are the chances that these two adults who can’t reconcile their differences in order to stay in their marriage are going to be able to agree on anything about their children? It doesn’t look good.

Miley Cyrus is nearly 18 years old but she is also listed in the papers filed by the divorce lawyers in Williamson County Tennessee. So is Billy Ray afraid that if Tish gains full custody she will make changes in the careful planning that he’s laid out for Miley’s career?  A few months could make a huge difference in the fortune that Miley has amassed depending upon the financial settlement reached in the divorce case. After all Billy Ray is a successful singer-songwriter and actor he is worth quite a bit himself, while no one seems to be really sure what Tish does except raise her children.

This custody and financial battle could become ugly unless the lawyers for each party help them come to an agreement that will work for everyone.

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