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Texas Divorce and Prenuptial Agreement

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California Divorce Laws affecting Courtney Cox Divorce?

Courtney Cox and David Arquette have been known as a happy couple who not only live together but often work together. It was a shock when they announced that they were separating. At this time the couple has agreed to a trial separation rather than an outright divorce. California divorce laws seem to create a certain scenario for rocky marriages that are close to passing that first decade of marriage.

Based on California law if a marriage lasts over 10 years it is considered a long term or lengthy marriage. The divorce of a long term marriage often means that the spouse who earns more may be required to pay spousal support or alimony for an indefinite time. If a marriage ends in divorce before ten years alimony is usually required for about half of the years that the marriage lasted.

Couples such as Cox and Arquette who are approaching the 10 year mark and are experiencing marital problems may feel more pressure to separate based on the economics of these laws. This often leads to the lesser earning partner wanting to stay together past that mark and the higher earning spouse to want to end it as quickly as possible.

Financial situations can affect the existing problems in a marriage and exacerbate them. In order to avoid the 10 year ruling in California couples can consider a prenuptial agreement, or a post nuptial agreement. Working together with your divorce lawyers to create an amicable divorce settlement also takes this law out of play.

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