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Can Social Networking Sites Affect Your Divorce?

Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are the three most popular social networking sites, and now they are being brought into the courts by divorce lawyers. Apparently if you are “separated” or going through a divorce you may want to avoid social networking sites until everything is finalized.

Social networking sites are actually causing an increase in divorce proceedings and the statuses and comments made on your social networking pages can be used against you. While these sites, such as Facebook are great for finding classmates, co-workers and making new friends, it just follows to conclude that they are also great for rekindling old flames. This leads to divorce court and supplies spouses with proof of adultery.

One woman said that her life began to unravel last October when she went onto her home PC to log in to her Facebook account, she didn’t realize her husband was still logged in and found herself browsing his page instead of her own. She checked out his inbox and found messages from a woman who told how much she missed him and couldn’t wait to be with him again. The messages contained details about where they had met and what they had done together.

She collected the chats, emails and status updates then confronted her husband, she separated from him and filed for divorce and her divorce attorney used the information from Facebook to litigate the case.  This woman is just one of many spouses who have found proof of infidelity through social networking sites, divorce lawyers have even come to ask outright whether the opposing spouse uses social networking, a little research on a public page can cause a hefty divorce settlement.

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