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Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller Divorce Heats Up

Charlie Sheen filed a divorce petition asking for joint physical and legal custody of the twin boys he has with Brooke Mueller. However his soon to be ex-wife has other plans. She has asked for sole physical custody or the boys with Charlie being allowed visitation rights and she agreed to joint legal custody.

Mueller, also apparently not satisfied with the $55,000 per month child support offered by Charlie’s divorce lawyer on his petition has also asked for spousal support. Does anyone else feel that maybe Brooke is just trying to stick it to Charlie for the embarrassment he’s caused her and the turmoil of this past year? Is she vindictive and greedy or is her divorce lawyer just doing his job and making sure that Brooke gets what she deserves?

Joint legal custody means that both parents have a say in all legal matters concerning the children. This includes travel, education and the like. Joint physical custody would allow each parent to have the children at basically any agreed upon time such as alternating holidays and vacations between the parents. What Brooke has asked for is that Charlie be able to participate in legal decisions but that the children live with her as the primary parent and he can have a certain amount of time with the children as visitation. This means that Brooke may be able to dictate where Charlie sees the children and for how long he is able to visit with them. After his recent scandal one can see where Brooke may have a point.

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