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Charlie Sheen Divorcing Wife Number Three!

Movie, television and tabloid star Charlie Sheen had been in the news a great deal this past week after his alleged drunken and disoriented hotel room trashing, porn star assaulting frenzy. Sheen and his third wife Brooke Mueller were married in May of 2008 but have been living separately since an alleged assault on Mueller during their 2009 Christmas vacation in Aspen.

The divorce lawyers must have been working overtime to put this together within the week. According to the divorce papers filed Tuesday in Los Angeles the couple will share joint legal custody of their twin sons with Brooke being awarded primary custody and Charlie with visitation rights.

When it came to hammering out the details the divorce lawyers for Sheen and Mueller didn’t miss any small details. Sheen will have the twin boys for Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving and their birthdays on even numbered years and for odd years they will spend those dates with their Mother.

As with all celebrity divorce cases, no one hires a divorce lawyer that forgets about the money! Brooke Mueller will receive $55,000 per month in child support from Sheen, and also noted in the papers is that if Sheen is ever ordered to pay his other ex-wife Denise Richards more than $55,000 per month for their two children then his payments to Mueller will also increase to match the amount.

One amazing stipulation is that neither Sheen nor Mueller shall make derogatory remarks about the other in the presence of or within the hearing of their minor children, now that one may be a little bit harder to manage than the monetary arrangements, but it was kind of the divorce lawyers to make the attempt.

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