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Children of Divorce more likely to suffer from Depression

Studies show that seven out of ten American children are living in “non-traditional” families, whether this includes being born to unmarried parents, teenage mothers, or the breakup of the family due to divorce.

This is leading to some sobering statistics concerning the next generation. Studies and research concerning children of divorce have been ongoing for many years now and the conclusion has been reached that children of divorce are more likely to suffer from depression than children who live in two parent homes and the chances of developing chemical dependency at a young age is also more likely in children in single parent families.

These sound like judgmental statement, but the fact is that these are the facts. This is not opinion, this is the result and findings of many different studies into the way that American families function when both parents are in the home, when babies are born to teen parents and when raised in a single parent home or after a divorce occurs.

The numbers don’t lie, and while some children who have parents who actively co-parent may not have these problems many children don’t have that sort of situation and end up becoming a statistic. Statistics concerning these areas include:

Children of divorced parents are seven times more likely to suffer from depression or other mental illness and 75 percent of teens who are in treatment for chemical dependency are from single parent families. No one is saying that couples should stay in unhappy marriages, or that a two parent home is a requirement for a happy and well adjusted child, but that in the case of a single parent home or divorce both parents should work together for the best interests of the child.

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