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Christina Milian and The Dream Settle on Divorce Terms

Pop singer Christina Milian is soon to be the ex-wife of producer “The Dream”, reportedly the couple has agreed to a settlement on the terms of the divorce. Sources close to the couple reveal that the term of the settlement are confidential, but now that the settlement has been agreed upon all that is left is for the divorce lawyers to submit the paperwork to a judge.

Divorce lawyers come in handy when it comes to explaining settlements and arrangements to the public. Ms. Milian’s divorce attorney has issued a statement to TMZ.com stating “Ms. Milian strongly believes that a peaceful resolution is better for their child and that she is very pleased with the settlement and that it was accomplished out of court.”

Both spouses are under the age of 30 and have been married since 2009 however The Dream filed for divorce just a few days before Christina gave birth to their child.

Celebrity divorces are common place these days and hardly rate more than a mention in the tabloids unless the couples have problems reaching a settlement or cause paparazzi media feasts that publicize the intimate details. Two responsible and apparently considerate parents who have chosen to divorce but are able to reach a settlement without a huge battle is a rare thing indeed, especially when it involves two such famous people.

The divorce lawyers in this case seem to be necessary only for the legalities of the divorce, as Milian and The Dream have reached an amicable conclusion between themselves for the well being of their child.

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