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Desperate Housewives Star Battling Over Holiday Custody

While Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives fame has been divorced for several years from Joe Tenney it seems that the two of them aren’t quite at an agreement concerning the custody of their children.

The divorced couple appeared in the courts recently to battle it out about some of the issues surrounding holiday custody arrangements. While court appointments and arguments over time spent with the children are common when a couple divorces, several years down the road it is much less common to still be having custody issues.

It seems that the situation of who has the children for Thanksgiving and Christmas has caused some upset for Hatcher and Tenney. Maybe the divorce lawyers didn’t do such a bang up job of settling the terms of the divorce and custody. It is rare that 7 years after the divorce a couple is still battling in court to decide who spends what holidays with which parent. At this point one would assume that the children might have an opinion and would be considered in the negotiations.

In cases of Hollywood divorces and custody battles time spent with each parent is generally divided up fairly and includes alternating holidays and special occasions. We aren’t aware as to what the hang up is with the Hatcher/Tenney custody agreement or visitation schedule so there is no reason to assume that the Desperate Housewives start is being greedy or neurotic about her children. This is a real live person, not Susan from Wisteria Lane.

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