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Did Miley’s Success Cause her Parents’ Divorce

The name Miley Cyrus is known around the globe, thanks to her start on the Disney Network as Hannah Montana this teen has become a multi-millionaire with record breaking album sales and hit movies. Miley’s parents, country singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Tish are very proud of their talented and beautiful daughter.

Both parents have been actively involved in Miley’s career, they worked together as a team to kick start her super stardom, but now that Miley is well on her way and nearly an adult Billy Ray and Tish have filed for divorce.

A family friend says that when they were working together toward a goal they were a centered and stable couple; but that once the goal was achieved they grew apart, with no goal to keep them working together.

When a child star is the focus of a marriage, everything centers on that next appearance, that next booking, or whatever the child is doing at the time. The parents forget that they are a couple, that they need to devote time to each other and time with the whole family not just working towards one daughter’s success.

When you see a teen as rich and famous as Miley you may assume that she has everything she could possible want, but star or not she is just like any other child who is going through a divorce, she is feeling confusion, guilt and would do anything to keep her family together.

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