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Did Real Housewives Show Help Break up Kelsey Grammer’s Marriage?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills featured Camille and Kelsey Grammer as one of the couples who had their lives filmed. Camille was interviewed about the experience of making Real Housewives while her marriage was falling apart.

In July Camille discovered that her husband Kelsey Grammer, of Frasier fame was having an affair with an airline attendant several years his junior. She dumped her wayward husband and filed for divorce. Since the filing the breakup has been headlined on tabloids and Internet gossip sites. Adding fuel to the fire is the airing of the Real Housewives program featuring Camille. The breakup of this celebrity marriage has been one of the highlights of this season.

Camille is blond, she has silicone, she was a Playboy model and she was a Club MTV dancer. Just her appearance makes one wonder how the nerdy Kelsey ever ended up married to someone like her in the first place.

Reality television shows and the Real Housewives specifically have caused or helped several marriage dissolve. We all remember the debacle of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey being Newlyweds, and it has just gone on in that direction. These couples are sharing the intimate details of their lives and marriages, that can’t be easy when your marriage is falling apart. Even the most open participants in these shows experience the life in a fish bowl feeling when having marital issues.

Camille reports that she is on some level regaining her power, and becoming herself again, rather than simply “taking care” of Mr. Grammer.

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