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Is Christina Aguilera living in a luxury Los Angeles hotel?

Rumor has it that due to the divorce that is pending between Christina and Jordan Bratman that she’s vacated their home. It seems that in California when going through a divorce one spouse cannot ask the other to leave just because they don’t get along. No matter if the property actually legally is deeded to only one party, as long as they are married it is an equal right of possession.

Divorce lawyers often try to establish whether there is violence or threatening behavior toward one spouse of the children so that the spouse can seek a court order on an emergency basis. If the court agrees to this then a kick-out order is issued and one spouse must leave the property.

Because Aguilera and Bratman haven’t mentioned any of these possible factors and have filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences neither one of them has to leave the property until the divorce is settled and finalized. This can lead to a very tense home situation, which could be why Christina has flown the coop and is living out of a suitcase at a hotel. Many divorce lawyers in California say it is common for an angry and resentful couple to both stay in the home and even sleep in the same bed because they refuse to give up their territorial rights to the home. Maybe Christina realizes that keeping the peace in any way possible is the best thing for her child and has removed herself from the home in a rare act of maturity.

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