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Kaine Horman is trying to Destroy Wife in Divorce

Divorce lawyers representing Terri Moulton Horman claim that her estranged husband Kaine Horman is focused on the destruction of his wife and that his affidavit challenging her right to have supervised time with her daughter is only to “inflame and poison public opinion.”

Her divorce lawyer and a criminal defense attorney retained by Mrs. Horman claim that the affidavit is vicious in both tone and content and the allegations are clearly designed to vilify Terri Horman and destroy and sabotage any relationship she may have with her 2 year old daughter. This follows closely on the heels of the disappearance of the couple’s 7 year old son on June 4th. Kyron Horman still has not been found.

Based on these legal affidavits it seems as if Kaine believes his wife was involved in his son’s disappearance as well as accusing her of being an emotionally disturbed individual who has been alcoholically impaired since the birth of their daughter. To further prove his point Kaine Horman also presented 17 pages of graphic text messages between Terri and a friend of his.

Kaine took his daughter and left the family home near the end of June. Just two days later he filed for divorce and a restraining order against Terri prohibiting her from seeing her daughter. This was in response to information that Terri had attempted to arrange to have her husband killed, information that was dug up by investigators working on her missing son’s case.

Terri’s divorce lawyer isn’t having any luck convincing Kaine’s lawyer to budge on allowing her to see her daughter. This is a sad situation for all involved with a missing child one would think that these parents would lean on one another and become stronger as they suffer through the loss together, however some marriages just aren’t able to thrive or survive a tragedy.

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