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Marcus Schrenker Fighting Child Support Order

Marcus Schrenker the former money manager who parachuted out of his airplane in order to fake his own death in January of 2009 has been jailed since admitting that he decided to fake his death because if he was thought to be dead his wife and children would have obtained $10 million in life insurance benefits.

Now he’s back in court fighting a child support order initiated by his wife as part of the divorce agreement. Schrenker claims he doesn’t have any money to pay $609 per week to support his 3 children. He goes on to claim that his estranged wife Michelle is fully aware of several offshore accounts to which she has access in order to obtain several hundred thousand dollars which would more than suffice to support the children.  His wife appeared shocked when this was announced in court.

Michelle’s divorce lawyer pointed out that the letters Marcus has sent her form jail have several discrepancies. Since early 2009 when he was jailed Schrenker has said that he has no income and his assets have been frozen.  Marcus also surprised the court by admitting that when he jumped out of his plane he had a bag tied to him containing almost $2 million worth of gold that was lost in the river when he landed.

One would assume if the wife had access to hundreds of thousands of dollars that she would have already accessed them and wouldn’t be in court fighting to get a measly $609 per week.

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