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Real Housewives of Orange County Divorce

Vicki Gunvalson a star on Real Housewives of Orange County has been hospitalized for internal bleeding.
An entertainment website reports that 47 year old Vicki is in a hospital being observed for upper
gastrointestinal problems. This shocking development is following the news that the reality TV star
has filed for divorce. You probably won’t be seeing paparazzi photos of Donn Gunvalson at his wife’s
hospital bedside however; maybe her divorce lawyer will put in an appearance.

Vicki filed for dissolution of her marriage from Donn Gunvalson in Orange Superior Court last Monday.
The marital problems between Vicki and her second husband Donn have been on display throughout the
season on “The Real Housewives”. Could the stress of having to obtain a divorce lawyer to put all the
pieces of her life in order have caused Vicki to develop ulcers? No, according to Mrs. Gunvalson herself
upon her release from the hospital, “I have internal bleeding in my colon and they fixed it.”

Considering the lavish lifestyle to which Vicki and her two children have become accustomed to since
her marriage to Donn Gunvalson in 1994 one can only imagine the challenge that the divorce lawyers for
each of these people face. The popular TV reality show seems to be a curse on happily married couples
as more than one of the couples on the different seasons is going through a divorce.

Maybe there is just a little too much reality on reality TV these days and it’s leading to busy divorce
s! This divorce is coming after what has apparently been a strained few years in the Gunvalson
home. The couple renewed their vows on the show in July of 2009 after Vicki claimed that the marriage
needed a “new start”.

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