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Sheree Whitfield Loses Aston Martin to her Divorce Lawyer

One of the stars of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield apparently forgot to pay her divorce lawyer, and is now paying dearly. Owing her divorce lawyer fees to the tune of around $110,000 Sheree has had her Aston Martin repossessed.

The local sheriff’s department arrived at Sheree’s door to seize the Aston Martin, after she failed to make a single payment on her legal debt. Maintaining her aloof rich woman attitude Sheeree told TMZ reporters that this embarrassing ordeal and the judgment against her were unfair, but “It’s okay, it’s a car, I’ll get another one.”

Sheree was known on the Housewives reality show for showing people what “black folk rich” is all about. Well apparently it includes driving an Aston Martin when you can’t afford to pay your divorce lawyer. Then again, if she doesn’t have money to pay her divorce lawyer maybe he didn’t get her enough money from her millionaire ex-husband in the settlement.

Maybe Sheree has learned something from this and will spend less on “just a car” so that she can pay her bills.

The Real Housewives series of reality shows has shown middle class America a great deal of marital turmoil, separation, and divorce amongst the rich and fabulous. Guess it just goes to show that money doesn’t solve every problem, and the divorce lawyers are making plenty from the destruction of these wealthy marriages.

Whether they are fighting amongst themselves, cheating on their spouses, or simply becoming bored with the rich trophy wife routine the “real” housewives are clearly not your average housewives.

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