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Usher and Tameka Divorced Friends

How often do you see a divorced superstar couple that remains friends? Well after the smoke cleared and the divorce lawyers stepped out of the picture R&B singer Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster are apparently, friends.

Actually Usher says that their friendship has gotten better since the divorce because each person knows where they stand and the pressures of his super stardom and career aren’t coming between them. All women know it’s hard to come in second to anything in your husband’s life, but to be pushed to the bottom of the totem pole as he deals with a busy career, touring the world, headlining the tabloids and constantly being available to what seems to be hundreds of people daily that are more important than you, it’s easy to see how the bloom faded off the rose that was Usher’s marriage.

The couple was married in 2007 and by the time Usher filed for divorce last year they had been living separately for a year. The two of them have two children. Lucky for the kids their parents are able to behave as adults despite the divorce and work together to make smart decisions and an effort to remain friendly with one another.

Usher claims that the failed marriage is in the past, and that the reason for the divorce was pressure over his career that pushed them apart. Now that the pressure has been alleviated they are able to be friends.

The future of Usher and Tameka’s children is looking bright despite the fact that they are now considered children of a broken home. With two parents working together to give them the best life possible the co-parented children will probably fare better than if their parents had stuck it out until the bitter end.

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