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When Billionaires Divorce

The ex-owner of MGM Kirk Kerkorian is accustomed to writing big checks so maybe he won’t be too hurt when he writes out his $100,000 a month child support check. How many children is he supporting you may ask, well prepare yourself, Kerkorian and his ex-wife Lisa have one, that’s right just one daughter who is 12 years-old.

The Kerkorian divorce has been a pretty nasty ordeal from the start, but Kirk has been fighting Lisa’s efforts to increase the child support payment for a while now. Apparently $50,000 a month is just not enough to raise a 12 year old girl.  The fighting Kerkorians have come to an agreement, believe it or not. The monthly child support amount is doubled, and Lisa’s divorce lawyer managed to also get an additional $10,250,000 in retroactive child support back to the year 2002.

This story gets even more incredible as we find out that Lisa agreed to accept this amount and drop a civil suit she has filed against Kirk, but the real showstopper is that Kirk may not even be the biological father of his daughter. I guess that just goes to show that when you divorce a billionaire and fight hard enough you won’t have to worry about finances for the rest of your life if you invest and save all that excess child support. ‘Ol Kirk sure isn’t a deadbeat dad, and it makes you wonder just who the real father may be and why Lisa let him off the hook considering how hard she has fought to get more and more money from Kerkorian.

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