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Britney Spears’ Parent Back Together

We’re used to seeing Britney Spears’ name in the gossip columns for various scandalous reasons or stories involving a divorce lawyer. Luckily she has recently been doing much better. She has found mental and emotional stability, got custody of her sons and has a romance going with Jason Trawick.
Another wonderful piece of news in Britney’s world is that her parents Lynne and Jamie Spears have reconciled after being divorced for 8 years. The couple originally married in 1975 and besides Britney they also have a son named Bryan and Britney’s actress sister Jamie Lynn. The couple is also grandparents to 3 grandchildren.

Jamie and Lynn were seen dancing and cheering at a nightclub after rumors surfaced that they had reconciled last summer. Onlookers said that they were laughing and having fun. At this time Jamie and Lynne have not remarried but are definitely back together.

After that many years of marriage, and the astounding success and consequent downfall of their child Jamie and Lynne were probably overwhelmed with the responsibilities of having a superstar daughter whose life was one roller coaster ride after another and allowed their relationship to suffer as they fought to keep their heads above water and keep up with Britney.

Now that their daughter is back on track and they are able to take a breath, see each other and realize that they are still in love there is a possibility that Britney’s family may once again be whole. Stardom, tabloids and the pressure of living in the spotlight often takes its toll on the families and marriages involved.

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