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Child Abuse Charge Postponed for Divorce

Lon Kennard has been charged with 24 counts of aggravated sex abuse of a child and 16 counts of sex exploitation of a minor. He was the co-founder of an Ethiopian children’s charity called “The Village of Hope”.  The charity program was created by Kennard and his wife in 1994. Information has not been released as to whether the child sex abuse and child pornography charges are related to the organization.

When Kennard appeared in court recently he asked that his hearing be postponed until after his divorce case goes to court. His reasoning is that he won’t know if he can afford counsel until the divorce case is finished. So whether the charges are related to the organization or not apparently Mrs. Kennard hasn’t been inclined to stand by her man.

Divorce attorneys often seek justice for their clients from unscrupulous spouses. One would think that Mrs. Kennard’s divorce lawyer would be going for the jugular considering that the charges against Mr. Kennard could prove detrimental to the charity organization she helped build with him.

The chances of Kennard being able to afford counsel after his divorce case is settled are slim to none. But then who would deny Mrs. Kennard her pound of flesh whether it is in monetary satisfaction or some other manner of sticking it to him when he had dragged their names and their organization through the mud with his activities. She deserves whatever her divorce lawyer can get for her.

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