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Divorce Action Threatens Quintiles Transnational

A nasty divorce fight is brewing and the multimillion dollar company, Quintiles Transnational, could suffer from the fallout.
Company founder Dennis Gillings filed for divorce from his wife, Joan, just 10 days before the couples 32nd wedding anniversary.
Quintiles are now one of the world’s largest providers of contract research for pharmaceutical companies. The company also provides other services in the pharmaceutical industry.

In November, Gillings agreed to pay $1 million to his wife, in addition to a payment of $55,000 every three months. Ms. Gillings would also get possession of the couple’s Chapel Hill house on East Franklin Street.

Another house, at Wrightsville Beach, was to become the property of Ms. Gillings as well, with Gillings allowed to use it four weekends each year. He’ll also retain the couple’s Las Vegas condo and properties in Hawaii and London.
An antiques and art collection that includes works by Dali, Rembrandt and Picasso will also be split up.

The big fight is about how to split up the company that Forbes magazine has estimated to be worth approximately $700 million. Revenue of over $3 billion is expected of Quintiles this year.

Gillings alleges that his wife “emotionally abandoned” him, “committed indignities which rendered {his} condition intolerable and life burdensome”, and “excessively used alcohol or drugs”.

Joan Gilling’s filed a motion to dismiss the case in August, but the proceedings move slowly forward with A January 25 and 26 depositions scheduled for her in Chapel Hill. Her divorce lawyer, did not comment about the case, saying, “Me and my partner, Whit Clanton, are representing Ms. Gillings, and that’s all I can say.”

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