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Divorce Insurance

Couples considering marriage should also look into divorce insurance. John Logan has been through a nasty divorce, which is why he came up with this unique program called divorce insurance. United States averages show that 44 percent of individuals who go through a divorce fall below the poverty line. John Logan feels that is just a stunning number of people who are struggling financially just because they chose not to remain married.

Divorce insurance websites quote one unit of coverage worth about $1250 that can be purchased for just at $16 per month. Payouts only happen after the policy matures, which means that to receive the benefits you must remain married for 4 years.
There are several points of view to consider with this sort of product. A divorce lawyer may feel that the forfeiture of that much money because you are not divorcing is simply throwing money away for four years, and suggest that a savings account might be a better option.

Logan’s response is that when a couple saves money while married and then get a divorce the money is viewed as marital property. Which means in some states a 50/50 split, while the divorce insurance is held separately from marital properties; so is therefore a better choice.

Websites for divorce insurance features a Divorce Probability Test, and claim that for anyone who has been through a divorce and knows how financially devastating it can be; divorce insurance is a no-brainer.

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