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Texas Divorce and Prenuptial Agreement

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Dodgers Ownership still Unclear

The divorce of Frank and Jamie McCourt is final, but a final outcome on the ownership of the Dodgers baseball team has gone into extra innings as no agreement on the legal status of a prenuptial agreement has been reached.

The law firm of the divorce lawyer who switched the documents has been invited to help make up a nine figure difference in the property settlement of Frank and Jamie McCourt. Many see this as a way for the legal firm to avoid being sued themselves at a later date. Because of the actions a lawyer employed by the firm, a lawsuit is a possibility for whichever McCourt finds themselves on the losing end of the Dodger ownership decision. A step to help fund the settlement difference now could be a lot less expensive that facing a lawsuit later.

Confidentiality guidelines are keeping the details of the consultation from becoming public, so the financing arrangements of the settlement proposal are not known at this time.

There are two versions of a marital agreement regarding the ownership of the baseball team in existence. One set of papers gives complete ownership to Frank McCourt. The other set clearly state the team is jointly owned by the couple. The lawyer admitted that after the paperwork was signed, he realized he had made a mistake in the wording of the document and switched out the copies but didn’t tell either of the McCourts of his actions.

Frank McCourt insists he owns the baseball team. Jamie McCourt says that the team was always meant to be owned by them jointly.

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