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Fantasia Mediation with Boyfriend’s Wife Falls Through

All indications point to Fantasia Barrino being hit with a lawsuit from her boyfriend’s wife even though the two met in November to try to work an agreement.

Paula Cook, wife of Antwaun Cook insists that Fantasia knew that Cook was married when she first started dating him. Fantasia won’t admit any such thing.

There was no attempt on Fantasias part to keep the relationship secret. In fact, the former American Idol winner had the name ‘Cook’ tattooed on her collarbone last year and the news of it made headlines.

Since then, Paula Cook has filed for a divorce. In her complaint, Cook named Fantasia as a home wrecker. Her husband is still dating the singer who attempted suicide last year after the complaint was filed in court by Paula Cook. After overdosing on a combination of aspirin and sleeping medication, Fanatasia said, “I was just overloaded, for six years I’ve been carrying so much… I always take a lickin’ and keep on tickin.’”

Sources say that now Paula Cook is planning on suing the singer for Alienation of Affection after mediation fell through. The source claims that Fanatasia was prepared to pay up to $100,000 to keep the details of her affair with the married Antwaun Cook out of court. The private mediation with divorce lawyer broke down without settlement after 12 hours.

Only recognized in seven states, the Alienation of Affection law lets the spouse who has been abandoned file a lawsuit against the person who is responsible for the breakup of the marriage.

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