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Is Miley Cyrus Turning to Drugs over Parent’s Divorce?

Disney superstar Miley Cyrus has been aging before our very eyes over the past year, now, just days after turning 18 Miley has been caught getting high on camera. The video showing the teen star smoking Salvia, which is a legal substance in California was obviously filmed with her permission, as she plays to the camera and laughs hysterically. What has happened to the sweet girl who brought Hannah Montana to ‘tweens around the world?

One suggestion is that Miley is acting out to get her parents’ attention. It was recently announced that her country crooner/actor dad Billy Ray Cyrus and wife Tish are getting divorced. While this behavior may seem shocking from someone who is often chosen to represent the clean cut Disney image, it is normal behavior for a teen whose family is falling apart around her. No divorce lawyer can settle this in a way that won’t hurt the children involved. All the money in the world won’t give them back a secure and stable home life with both of their parents.

At this time it is important that Billy Ray and Tish step up and take responsibility, take control of their daughter and know that while her acting out is normal behavior for teens in this situation the press of being famous and having your every move splashed across the internet and tabloids makes it even worse for her.

Should Miley’s parent have left her home along in her house now that she is 18? Do they have any ground rules that they can enforce now that she is an adult? When Miley was asked what she wanted most for her 18th birthday her response was to have her whole family back together. She didn’t ask for an unsupervised bash and to be left alone to deal with the feelings she is experiencing.

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