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Marriage Declines While New Families Increase

In the past 50 years there has been a sharp decline in marriages in the United States and an increase in “new” family forms. These families have been shaped by the attitudes and behaviors of differing classes, ages and races.

Marriage is declining in all groups, but still remains the norm for adults who have a college education and good income. For adults on the lower rungs of the socioeconomic ladder, marriage is much less prevalent. Also those in the lower income section may be just as likely as their counterparts to want to get married, but financial stability is higher on their list of requirements and they may not find a spouse who can meet their needs.

Generational differences are also present, and the view of marriage and family today has changed drastically from the 1960’s. In 1960 sixty eight percent of all people in their 20’s were married. In 2008 the same age group only claimed twenty six percent as married.  At this time younger people are more likely to view cohabitation, civil partnerships and interracial marriage in a positive light which contributes to what is known as “new family” structures.

Refreshingly while marriage may be on the decline and the definition of family ever changing, it is clear that the idea of family, no matter what the definition is the most important and necessary elements of most every adult.

With results like these it is easy to see that the social norms of the society are changing, more and more often there are happy loving families in which no one is married, children are loved and there are more than likely some form of interracial relationship within the extended family dynamic.

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