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Michael C. Hall Files for Divorce

Dexter fans that have some fantasies involving Michael C. Hall can indulge a bit more in depth, now because he and his on screen sister are getting a divorce. Jennifer Carpenter and Michael have been married for 2 years. The on screen awkwardness is going to be missed, or maybe it will get more interesting.

Michael C. Hall is a cancer survivor and many fans are feeling a little bit sad for him, but surely fans can see that it was bound for the star to hire a divorce lawyer. There are way too many television couples or co-stars who give the marriage things a shot, from Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley to Keri Russell and Scott Speedman they’ve all lost their marital bliss.

Divorce lawyers in Hollywood sure are busy. With all the television shows and movies being made there are co-star couples walking down the aisle and arguing over prenuptial agreements. The average Hollywood couple doesn’t make it past 2 years without at least one separation or scandal.

When it comes to happy Hollywood marriages that have come from costars, there are just a few names that come to mind. Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa of All My Children have been together for several years and have several children as well as one of the longest lasting and strong marriages you can find.

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