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Michael Douglas’ Ex-Wife Loses Money on Wall Street

When it comes to the statement that money never sleeps Michael Douglas’ ex-wife lost money on Wall Street. No, not the stock market. Diandra Douglas lost in her attempt to stake a claim on the sequel to Michael’s blockbuster movie “Wall Street.” Ironically the name of the sequel is “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” apparently neither do the divorce settlements.

Michael and Diandra Douglas were divorced in 2000 after being married for 23 years. Diandra thinks that she is entitled to half of Michaels earnings from the sequel of the movie because the divorce agreement issued in California awarded her a share of proceeds from all the work that Michael did while they were married. This included the original “Wall Street.” When Diandra took the case to the courts in New York the case was dismissed due to the settlement being made in California and having no place in New York courts.

Michael’s divorce lawyer said that Diandra is misinterpreting the divorce agreement and that it does not apply to the movie sequel which had not been created at the time of the divorce. The divorce agreement clearly and specifically states that any future financial disagreements would be settled in California.
It’s pretty sad that a woman would go to such lengths to cause trouble and challenges for an ex-husband. Once the divorce lawyers and the couple settle and create a divorce agreement that agreement should be honored no matter where the individuals happen to be at the time.

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