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MySpace Founder‘s Ugly Divorce

Chris DeWolfe the co- founder and former CEO of MySpace is having a bad divorce. Not only do divorce lawyers get to help settle the marital finances and custody issues, now there is apparently a restraining order and a gag order concerning allegations of something involving Chris and a minor.

The judge in the divorce case has sealed the file, but it has been reported that DeWolfe’s estranged wife Lorraine has filed complaints with the LAPD and the Department of Children and Family Services. There is a restraining order against Chris DeWolfe barring him to contact his wife or his four-year-old daughter.

Divorce cases, slander and mudslinging all go hand in hand, but it is definitely clear that Chris DeWolfe is experiencing an ugly divorce. DeWolfe and his wife have been separated since at least 2008. He has been seen in tabloid reports making out with Paris Hilton and has not only sold his social network company, but has left his job at News Corp. DeWolfe certainly isn’t hurting for money considering he made $580 million off of the sale of MySpace. A divorce lawyer now gets the fun job of wading through the details and settling up the division of all that money and all those belongings.

It appears that Lorraine and her divorce attorney are determined to bring Chris down a notch or two, maybe more like seven or eight notches. But hey, that’s what all that money is can be used for the quest for more money by the lawyers, by his wife and his attempts to keep his money will also cost him a pretty penny. Maybe he would be better off to just split it down the middle and settle with her.

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