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Randy Travis to Take a New Wife

In a story that is as common to country music as cowboy hats Randy Travis, fresh out of divorce court
is now aiming to take a new wife. True to the country music image Randy will be marrying his dentist’s
wife with whom he has been having an affair. At this time Mary Beougher is still married, but Randy tells
pals that he will marry his mistress as soon as possible.

I suppose the divorce lawyers that handled Travis’ marriage dissolution to Libby Hatcher after 19 years
could just as easily step in and assist Mary and her hapless dentist husband. One Nashville insider told
The Enquirer that Travis is taking one last shot at being a wild young man with his new lover. Apparently
the belief is that Randy is having a late midlife crisis and has wrecked what was one of the most
successful marriages in country music.

Insiders predict that even if Travis and Ms. Beougher do get married, it won’t last long, the shine is likely
to wear off quick as Mary has been married several times and seems to have a hard time settling down
with just one man. In the meantime the couple is house hunting in Texas and planning to begin their
married life either in New Mexico or Colorado as soon as they are both divorced.

The Travis’ have already agreed to the terms of their divorce with Libby keeping their huge ranch and
mansion in Santa Fe. Libby has stood by her man through years of his juvenile delinquent behavior
and rehabilitation from drinking, burglary and car theft, through his struggling early years in the music
business and has been not only his wife but also his manager through it all. Rumor has it that Libby will
continue to act as Randy’s manager.

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