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Tiger Woods Shares with Newsweek

Just about a year after the apparent collapse of Tiger Woods gilded world he has written out his personal story for Newsweek. He has shared his struggles and experiences including his extramarital relations.

When asked about what he wrote Tiger reportedly responded that he wrote about his unfavorable decisions and repeated blunders. He admitted to hurting those he loved and the necessity of accepting his consequences and the responsibility for his decisions.
Tiger wrote that he felt nearly invincible through his success in golfing, and that he became much too confident in himself. His affairs and battle with sexual addiction led to the scandalous divorce from Elin Nordegren. Tiger has stated that there are thing that can and should be changed in his life, the divorce settlement was widely publicized and every move made by the divorce lawyers, Tiger and Elin has been reported, speculated on and discussed since Thanksgiving of 2009. Rumor has it that the divorce cost Tiger $110 million.

While his personal life was crumbling, Tiger’s success and habit of coming out on top in his golf career also took a nosedive. He has recently lost his number one ranking, and not winning tournaments in Australia and Asia. By missing several tournaments and not playing well when he did compete Tiger has somewhat sabotaged his career, but has high hopes that his dedication and the changes he is making will lead him back to the top of the golfing world.
Being a sexual addict and cheating on your wife with not one but several women is a sure way to draw even more attention to an already famous person whose entire life is lived in the spotlight. There are times when being a “nobody” can be a good thing.

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