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Wife Gets Control of Businesses

An eyewear salesman Michael Yuchnitz was accused last month of trying to have his wife killed by finding a hitman. Tina Son Yuchnitz arrived in court last week with a bodyguard to meet her estranged husband for temporary divorce proceedings.

The temporary orders that remain in effect until finalization of the divorce via mediation or trial include: Tina Yuchnitz has full operational control of the two businesses she and her husband own; My $39.95 Optical and Platinum Tattoos. Each of the spouses will have a weekly allowance, and Michael can keep an eye on the businesses through an accountant but is not allowed to visit the businesses. Other than attorneys fees and agreed upon expenses the joint bank account with more than $500,000 will be frozen. Of the 10 cars owned by the couple Michael is allowed to take the Humvee and the Corvette.

Tina filed for divorce hours after learning that her husband had attempted to have her killed. She is pleased to have control of the businesses but still has concerns for her safety. The two situations are linked but also separate. There is a lot of property and assets her divorce lawyer has to sort out as part of the divorce, and the criminal charges against Michael are separate from that process.

Divorce is one thing and can be nasty enough by itself but when a spouse feels the need to have his wife killed to avoid dividing the financial assets that is a little more than divorce lawyers are equipped to handle, and is in fact a criminal action.

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