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Child and Spousal Support Payments Reduced for Nas

The rapper Nas received good news about his child and spousal support payments. The court has agreed to cut in half Nas’ payment obligations, dropping from $50,000 to $25.000 a month. Nas is reportedly paying $5,000 a month in child support and $20,000 a month to his ex-wife Kelis for spousal support. The couple has a young son, Knight.

This bitter divorce seemed never ending, with squabbles centering on the couple’s fortune. Nas and Kelis split in 2009 while she was seven months pregnant with their first child. Nas repeatedly argued that he could not meet $50,000 a month in payments, as he was not making enough at the time. Nas is working on a new project, which is to release sometime later this year. The rapper better be careful about making money, as Kelis appears determined to squeeze him for every dime he is worth.

The couple dated for two years before marrying in a lavish ceremony. Their four-year marriage ended on a bad note. According to reports, Kelis accused Nas of infidelity and abuse. Unfortunately, for the famous rapper most news reports cover his courtroom losses but not this time. Whatever cards his divorce lawyer played, it appears to have worked as a Los Angeles judge reduced his child-and-spousal payments.

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