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Emmy Rossum’s Inexpensive Celebrity Divorce

Emmy Rossum knew how to keep her marriage a secret but the divorce is now a matter of public record. The details of her divorce reveal the settlement with ex-husband Justin Siegel finalized in Los Angeles Superior Court. Multi-million dollar settlements are what make celebrity divorces infamous, so it is shocking to see Emmy Rossum’s divorce finalized for $57,500. This sum is something a Hollywood wife may spend a year on her dog’s outfits.

According to public documents, Rossum will not pay any spousal support, which Siegel fought to receive. Per the judgment, the Phantom of the Opera star will keep their house in Beverly Hills, her jewelry and some personal items. Justin Siegel, a record company executive, will keep $11,200 security deposit on a residence in Coldwater Canyon, the pair’s Mercedes, some clothes, jewelry and furniture.

Instead of paying spousal support, Rossum agreed for a onetime payment of $57,500 to end her short marriage. The couple met a year before marrying. They wed quietly, as secret as a celebrity wedding could possibly be, but spend their year and a half marriage mostly apart. Siegel pulled the trigger by filing for divorce in September of 2009, citing irreconcilable differences.

It is sad to see another celebrity marriage come to an end, although this one left out all the juicy tidbits from the media. The settlement sum may be the lowest on file for a celebrity divorce, which means Emmy Rossum paid more for her divorce lawyer than to finalize her divorce.

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