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Harris County Resident Files For a Secret Divorce

Some people take great pains in their attempts to keep a divorce proceeding from becoming public knowledge. You occasionally hear of divorced couples pretending they are still happily married at family gatherings because they are trying to protect a member of the family from emotional upheaval. Others carry on the charade because of career or other business and financial benefits.

You don’t often hear about one partner keeping a petition for divorce and even the finalization of the divorce a secret from the spouse. But, apparently that’s exactly what happened with the marriage of a Texas couple. In a case that brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘do it yourself divorce’, the unhappy wife finds that she’s not even still married when she goes to hire a divorce lawyer.

Harris County resident Noelia Ayala Sunesara retained a lawyer to file for a divorce from her husband, George J. Prappas. Imagine her surprise when her lawyer found out that Prappas had filed a divorce petition on January 17, 2003. The ‘secret’ divorce petition was filed in the Jefferson County District Court.

The surprise divorce case was finalized without Sunersara ever knowing about it. The signature that appears on the divorce papers isn’t hers, insists Sunersara.

Her lawyer has filed fraud and breach of contract charges against her apparently former husband. Sunersara is arguing in court that she is entitled to exemplary and un-liquidated damages. She is also seeking actual damages, pre and post judgment interests, injunctive relief, attorney’s fees, costs and any other reliefs that the 60th District Court deems just.

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