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Mayor’s Wife Disagrees With Divorce Filing

Oklahoma City Mayor filed for divorce from his wife of 32 years. According to the divorce petition, Mick Cornett cited “total irreconcilable incompatibility.” Cornett’s office confirmed the split, declining to discuss the matter, stating only that the couple have many years of memories together and intend to remain close to their children. The couple has three grown boys together.

Thirty-two years is a very long time to spend with another individual. The couple started dating back when they were sophomores at Putnam City High School. High school sweethearts were obviously emotionally and personally devoted to each other at one point, but the decision to divorce follows years of martial counseling.

Lisa Cornett responded to the announcement stating it was not her decision to end their marriage. She also states that this decision was not mutual and that she wants to stay married to the Mayor. Mick’s divorce filing seems to surprise Lisa, as she states the couple went to counseling for one year a few years ago. Martial problems had resolved with the help of counseling, at least it appeared to be so for Lisa. They had followed up with additional counseling sessions last year.

Mick Cornett’s office refused to further comment on the matter, with the Mayor going about his duties as scheduled. The only bright side of this divorce is that a divorce lawyer will not need to include child custody or child support in proceedings.

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