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Michigan Man Faces Chagres for Reading Wife’s Emails

A Michigan man, Leon Walker, is facing up to five years in prison for accessing his wife’s email without her consent. State prosecutors say Walker violated a state law that prohibits unauthorized computer access in order to “acquire, alter, damage, delete or destroy property.” This law intended to punish identity thieves and not curious spouses, something lawmakers never thought would happen.

Clara Walker kept all of her internet passwords in an address book next to the home laptop. Leon Walker accessed her Google email account using those unprotected passwords, as he believed that Clara was having an affair. The emails he found confirmed that his wife was having an affair with one of her former husbands, a man who faced arrested in the past for beating her in front of her young son.

Walker was reportedly worried that the man might be abusive again, especially around his daughter and stepson. He handed copied of the emails to his stepson’s father, who filed for an emergency request for custody. Clara found out about her husband’s snooping during her custody dispute.

Prosecutors state Walker broke the law while Walker maintains he was within his rights as the computer was a martial asset. He also feels he was in the right, as the safety of children was at stake.

Walker’s case is set for trial next month. Clara and Leon have since divorced.
Will he face consequences or will the jury agree with his side of the story? Is checking on our spouses, reading their emails or social media postings allowed or is it a crime?

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