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Minister Decrees Married Couples Should Get off Facebook

Rev. Cedric Miller had stated his belief that social networking and Facebook in particular is the cause of many divorces. He claims that all married couples should close their Facebook accounts to protect the sanctity of their marriages.

It has been reported that the pastor claims that 20 couples in his congregation have experienced marital dissolve due to finding former loves on Facebook. Rev. Miller’s first plan of action against the invasion of Facebook caused divorces was to order the officials of his church, all 50 of them to close their Facebook accounts or lose their positions in the church.

He plans to share this message with his entire congregation that they should close their Facebook accounts, or at the very least share their passwords with their spouses in the name of full disclosure.

Many others have voiced the opinion that Facebook isn’t the cause of marital discord, if a spouse is looking for something outside the marriage they will find it whether they are on Facebook or not. Social networking is just being named as the scapegoat for a bunch of church members who have conveniently forgotten their marriage vows and gone in search of lost loves and youthful feelings.

Why should anyone have to share their password to their personal networking page? If there is no trust and a spouse feels the need to check up on their partner then there are serious problems in the marriage anyway. The Reverend has good intentions but if everyone in the congregation closes their Facebook accounts what will he blame the next time a someone hires a divorce lawyer?

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