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Moderately Educated Couples Saying No Thanks to Marriage

A report issued recently titled “The State of Our Unions” indicates that marriage is on the decline and divorce lawyer hiring is on the rise within the demographic considered to be moderately educated. This study is published yearly as part of the National Marriage Project of the University of Virginia and the Institute for American Values program at the Center for Marriage.

Traditionally the attitudes and behaviors of the moderately educated have been more conservative socially in matters of marriage relations. Now it appears that while the highly educated Americans have become more likely to enter into marriage and the “American dream” the moderately educated are becoming more permissive socially than before.

How much of a role does religion play in these studies? Well, it seems that the highly educated people between 25-60 years of age are represented in church regularly by about 34% of their demographic and with the moderately educated only 28% and with the least educated only 23% attend church regularly.

Religious activists blame the decline of marriage in America directly on the lack of Christian culture and beliefs being observed and adhered to. Middle class America is more accepting of different walks of life than the more highly educated and religious folk. America is a buffet of religions, beliefs, relationship standards and other social differences that combine to lead to this change of heart in the country.

Does the changing standard reflect in any way on the morality of our citizens, or is it simply a more lax and stringent as far as relating morality or goodness to religion?

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