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Sherra Wright Discusses Finances After Divorce

In a November, 2010 interview, Sherra Wright, ex wife of murdered basketball star Lorenzo Wright, discussed the financial difficulties the couple faced before and after hiring a divorce lawyer. The Wrights were divorced in February.Lorenzo Wright was shot to death July 19th and his body was found 10 days later in a Memphis field near an apartment complex.

Over the 13 year span of his NBA career, Wright earned about $50 million, but at the time of his death was deeply in debt. Answering questions about the debts, Sherra Wright responded, “Financial difficulty for Lorenzo may be not making $365-thousand every two weeks and be making $155-thousand every two weeks. In financial distress to him was not having $10-thousand in my pocket every day, as opposed to having just a couple of grand in my pocket. It’s perception.”

A court order required Wright to pay alimony and child support in the combined amount of $26 thousand a month. Wrights wife claims that he gave her money for herself and their six children when he had it, and there was no documentation of the times or amounts he turned over to her.

Ms. Wrights divorce attorney had stated after the basketball star had been murdered that money had recently become an issue between the Wrights.

When asked if Lorenzo Wright was ever behind on his child support payments, Ms. Wright responded, “I didn’t say that. But my child support was off record. He didn’t go by the state. Whatever he was gonna give me, he gave directly to me. Whatever he was gonna give me in alimony came directly to me. So they don’t have a record of what he did and did not pay “I am saying there were times he provided money for me and the children.”

The beneficiaries and value of Wrights insurance and NBA pension are topics that ex-wife, Sherra Wright will not comment on.

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