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To Divorce or Not Divorce Knowles Marriage Up in the Air

Pop star Beyonce Knowles may be happily married to Jay-Z, but her parents seem to be up in the air as to the status of their marriage. Matthew and Tina Knowles filed for divorce in November of 2009, but the case has been dismissed after neither of the spouses showed up in court to finalize the divorce.

After 29 years it was unclear why the Knowles’ were hiring a divorce lawyer but there was speculation that Tina filed after finding out that Matthew had been involved in an affair with Alexsandra Wright. Allegedly the affair continued for 18 months and supposedly Alexsandra had Matthew’s child and he is paying child support.

With that many violations of the marriage Tina definitely had plenty of reason to put Matthew through the divorce lawyer wringer. Whether a couple is famous and in the spotlight on their own or as a side effect of their child’s stardom that spotlight still leads to divorce battles that are often drawn out and dirty. Apparently this isn’t the case with Tina and Matthew Knowles. The couple was supposed to be in court on November 15, but neither one showed up. At this time there has been no statement issued as to whether the couple has reconciled or why they missed their court date.

Hollywood divorce lawyers are known for their vicious strategies and you can bet that they would have managed to run Matthew up a flag pole for his indiscretions.

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