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White Plains Mayor on Trial for Domestic Violence

Adam Bradley, Mayor of White Plains, is on trial for domestic violence in a case that may ruin his political career or clear his tarnished reputation. In the midst of bitter divorce proceedings, abuse allegations and the citizen response that called for his resignation Bradley has remained determined to paint his wife as the aggressor in this situation.

Two arrests have been made, after domestic violence calls, these two cases are being tried as misdemeanor assault and harassment charges. Domestic violence and abuse sadly, are common in difficult divorce situations, the story that the D.A. brings to court includes the charge that Bradley has abused his wife in an escalating pattern of both verbal and physical abuse that began when he began the run for mayor in 2009.

Mayor Bradley has acknowledged that there are problems in his marriage but denies that he has ever abused his wife. He has even asked the judge to allow a marriage counselor to testify that his wife had never mentioned abuse during the couple’s session. The judge refused. This was a smart move on the part of the judge because everyone knows that an abused woman is not going to admit to being a victim while their abuser is in the same room and she will be leaving with him when the session is over.

Bradley has attempted to turn the case around by informing the courts that his daughter saw one of the alleged incidents and told the social worker that Mommy pushed Daddy and that it was an accident. So does a little push make her an aggressor? Does that little push make it okay for her to be doused with hot tea, to be belittled and verbally abused? Does it make it fine for him to slam her hand in a door?

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