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Will the Royal Couple Obtain a Prenuptial Agreement?

The world has been fascinated with the newly engaged heir to the throne of England Prince William lately. After several years and Kate Middleton being dubbed “Waitey Katey” Prince William has finally popped the question to the lovely Kate Middleton and presented her with Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring. What he didn’t present her with was a royal prenuptial agreement. Those sorts of documents aren’t legally binding in the United Kingdom. This means that if by some slim chance the marriage doesn’t work out, Kate Middleton could own half of the kingdom.

Yes, we know, Princes and Princesses live happily ever after and don’t need a divorce lawyer, there’s never been a case of Cinderella divorcing her prince and taking half of everything. But this is 2010 and divorce happens, divorce lawyers and prenups are dealt with every single day, and while we all wish Prince William the best we also know that there is a chance that they may divorce some day.

Sources say that William will more than likely have a prenup drawn up just to be on the safe side, as there are always cases in which the courts make landmark decisions and change laws. But whether the marriage survives or not, Kate’s marriage into the royal family means that from the moment they marry she is entitled to half of the wealth that the couple has together. Princess Kate could eventually end up being worth as much as the Prince’s Grandmother, who is estimated to be worth around $450 million.

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