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American Business Man Kills Wife Following Facebook Affair

According to the Daily Mail, Harold Landry, age 68, an American, has killed her after finding out about an affair that began over Facebook.

The victim, 38 year old Lucy Landry, a British citizen, was attacked and stabbed 23 times. Lucy was found a few yards outside the couple’s home in a neighbor’s hedges, where the neighbor had discovered her with the knife still in her side.

Mr. Landry noted in court that his wife had been spending the night with her boyfriend whenever Harold had been away.

Harold and Lucy met several years ago on the internet and in 2002, they married. By August 2009, their marriage was on the rocks and Lucy began an affair with an old school friend. Following the beginning of the affair, she began the process to divorce.

Suffering from prostate cancer, Mr. Landry had removed Lucy from his will to prevent her and her new boyfriend from benefiting financially. Mr. Landry also began having his own affair.

The neighbor who had found Lucy noted that the couple argued frequently. The night of Lucy’s death, he received a note stating that a package had been delivered for him and was left with at the Landrys’ house. When he entered the home to retrieve his package, Mr. Landry was intoxicated.

Stephen Kennedy, the neighbor, left without finishing his wine. After his departure, Mr. Landry attacked his wife. Mrs. Landry ran outside screaming ‘Steve,’ but by the time Mr. Kennedy had reached her, she had already died.

Currently, Harold Landry is denying murdering his wife, but does accept possible charges of manslaughter.

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