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Grant Parish Sheriff Named in Divorce Petition

According to the Town Talk of Grant Parish, Sheriff Baxter Welch, a retired state trooper, was named in a divorce petition that alleges he had an affair with a female deputy. David Brian Elias filed for divorce from Heather Denine Tyler Elias, who is a chief civil deputy for the Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office has employed Heather Elias for six years. In his petition, Elias claims his wife committed adultery with Baxter Welch.

Welch announced he is running for re-election this fall and is facing competition from a former sheriff’s deputy. Welch is surely not appreciating any bad publicity that could stop him from keeping his seat.

Elias subpoenaed Centennial Wireless records of phone calls and text messages to and from Heather Elias’ cell phone. He claims he discovered lewd text messages to and from Welch through the records. In his filing, Elias claims he expected morals and ethics from a person in the Sheriff’s position and that the people of their parish need to know how Welch devastated Elias’ family.

Elias claims his wife told him the affair is over but she has moved out of the couple’s recently built home. Welch refused to comment about the matter and did not want to discuss if personnel in the Sheriff’s Office received reprimands after extramarital affairs.

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