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‘Hannah Montana’ Destroyed Billy Ray Cyrus’ Family, Marriage

According to Associated Press, Billy Ray Cyrus is speaking out against Disney’s “Hannah Montana,” claiming that the show caused serious damage to his family including causing his divorce from wife Tish, and causing his daughter to ‘spin out of control.’

Cyrus was a country singer in the 1990s. A native of Flatwoods, Kentucky, his biggest hit was “Achy Breaky Heart.”

In the February 22nd issue of GQ magazine, Billy Ray states that he’d take everything back, “for [his] family to be here and just be everyone OK, safe and sound and happy and normal.” Adding that it “would have been fantastic.” In short, he wishes Miley had never been thrust into fame by the show.

In October, Billy Ray and Tish filed for divorce. Miley is their only child together, but Tish has two children from a previous marriage.

Cyrus also claims that when he asked Miley about the footage in which she was smoking a bong at her 18th birthday, she told him that it was ‘none of his business.’ In the interview, he also mentioned that he had refused to attend her birthday party due to it’s location in a bar, which he felt was ‘wrong.’

Before the Cyrus family left Tennessee, Billy Ray states that everyone was baptized. He believes that Satan is personally attacking himself and his family.

“There has always been a battle between good and evil. Always will be,” he goes on to mention that he thought the “Hannah Montana” show was a chance at ‘family entertainment,’ and ends with “look what it’s turned into.”

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