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Howard Sosin Loses Divorce Judgment Appeal

According to the Boston Globe, Howard Sosin lost his divorce appeal as the Connecticut Supreme Court upheld a $3.8 judgment award to his ex-wife. A lower court found that Sosin, the found of AIG Financial Products Corp, short-changed his ex-wife during their divorce proceedings.

A lower judge in Bridgeport, Connecticut ordered Sosin to pay Susan Sosin nearly $24 million in cash after their 2005 divorce, in addition to nearly $20 million in real estate and other personal property. Susan Sosin admitted in court that she had two affairs; alleged infidelities were the cause of their divorce.

Sosin initially paid his ex-wife about $20 million in cash; allegedly, the judge incorrectly valued one of his bank accounts. It took nearly a year for Susan to collect the rest of the money plus another $200,000 in interest. Howard Sosin appealed to the state Appellate Court and Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court upheld an Appelate Court ruling, who ordered that Sosin pay his former wife the full $24 million plus interest owed. Susan Sosin’s divorce lawyer claims her ex-husband may owe even more interest, but the issue remains of the exact amount of interest owed. The Sosins’ divorce is considered one of the country’s largest monetary cases.

Sosin founded AIG Financial Products Corp in 1987 but left the company in 1993.

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