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Jaime Pressly Files for Divorce

According to the LA Times, Jaime Pressly, star of My Name is Earl, filed for divorce after 16 months of marriage. The star claimed irreconcilable differences with her and Simran Singh. Singh is an entertainment lawyer. Pressly filed dissolution of marriage documents at Los Angeles Superior Court.

The couple wed in 2009 and has no children together. Pressly has a three-year-old son with a former fiancé, Eric Cubiche. Pressly’s documents state she does not want to pay Sing any spousal support, it is unclear if the couple had a prenup.

Pressly took the married name Pressly-Singh after marriage, which she seeks to change during divorce proceedings.

The news of Pressly-Singh divorce comes weeks after the actress faced an arrest and suspicion of drunk driving in Santa Monica. Police released Pressly on a $15,000 bail. To add to her problems, Pressly faces an unpaid tax bill of $637,000, after the IRS and state of California filed against the actress.

According to sources, friends of Pressly felt she hired Sing too fast. The couple dated only months before eloping. It is unclear what lead to the split on December 27. Pressly claims her DUI charge and tax issues did not cause failure of her marriage.

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